Newcastle & RIVERINA Nutritionists

Eating well shouldn’t feel like rocket science

Our Newcastle and Riverina-based nutritionists will show you how to eat for improved health and energy.
We guide you to introduce positive changes to your life.

At Nutrient Nation, we give you an edge

you’ll feel good about.

When you feel good about the way you eat, each day becomes so much easier. You have more energy, your focus improves and you don’t need to stress about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

As performance nutritionists, we create individual nutrition plans that work for your lifestyle, training and wellness goals. We are here to help you improve your performance in all areas of life – from exercise through to mindset and work.

Get results and 

stay motivated.

Eating well should never be boring! That’s why we will never put you on a ‘diet’, because there is so much deprivation and so many mind games associated with dieting. Instead, we help you to make positive long-term changes so you feel consistently confident and healthy.

Practical nutrition advice that

suits your lifestyle.

To make our services as affordable as possible, we have a flexible consultation structure.

We recommend a plan of action and then it is up to you how often you want to see us, based on the level of support, accountability and advice you feel you need.




Whether you want to lose weight or you need sports nutrition advice, our approach is all about reaching your goals in a healthy, sustainable way. In as little as two or three consultations, you can be on your way to forming positive habits that will serve you for life.



If the lunch containers in your staff fridge are lacking on the nutrition front, we have a solution that your team will enjoy. Our practical workshops are designed to show your employees how to develop healthier habits both at work and at home.

Take the guesswork out of your next event by downloading our event prep nutrition plan

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