Collagen – Does it live up to the Hype?

Ok so this blog delves a little deeper into the science behind collagen so if you’re not up for the extra detail, head to the punch line at the end.

The global market for collagen is currently estimated to be around $3 billion dollars and is expected to continue rising over the next 5 years. But does the evidence support the proposed benefits of collagen?

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5 common causes of Runner’s gut

Do you ever experience abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating or feel nauseous before a race or training session? Runners gut impacts 30-50% of endurance athletes during an event – that’s a lot!! Runner’s Gut doesn’t just affect runners. Other sporting modalities experience it too, but it is more common in endurance sports such as triathlon, marathon, … Read more

Pregnancy Nutrition

Healthy eating during pregnancy is essential for both the development and growth of the baby as well as maintaining the mother’s health throughout this time. The food a mother eats during pregnancy influences the physical and emotional health of her child during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Increased Requirements During Pregnancy While the requirements for some … Read more

Guest blog: Chiropractic for athletes

Chiropractic management of athletes focuses on the alignment of the musculoskeletal system. Correct biomechanics is critically important to achieve optimal performance. Chiropractic is increasingly used by professional athletes to gain that desired advantage. When working with athletes we are generally working on either a preventative program or supporting the healing and repair of an injury. … Read more

Intuitive eating

Intuitive eating is all about listening to your bodies hunger and fullness cues. So, no more being told what and when to eat. For a long time we have been telling our bodies to eat to a schedule, 7am for breakfast, 10am for morning tea, 1pm for lunch and so on. But by doing this, we … Read more

Re-fuelling post-exercise

During exercise, our bodies mostly use carbohydrates (stored glycogen and blood glucose) and some fat for energy. We also lose fluid through sweat and expiration and repeated muscle contractions during exercise create tiny tears in your muscles that need repairing. The duration and intensity of your exercise and your body composition goals determine whether you need specific recovery … Read more

Should olive oil be used for cooking?

You have likely heard that olive oil shouldn’t be used for cooking. But, do you actually know the facts? First, you need to know a little bit of the science behind what makes a good cooking oil. Different oils have different amounts of fats, some have more saturated fat, others have more mono- or polyunsaturated … Read more

Should I workout on an empty stomach?

To eat or not to eat? This is a well debated question among exercise enthusiasts. Does fasting before exercise burn more fat? Will I have enough energy to train at a high intensity if I don’t eat before exercise? Does eating before exercise lead to excess kilojoule intake over the day? Perhaps the most important question is, … Read more