Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs

Motivate your team to lead a

healthier lifestyle.

Our engaging nutrition workshops and wellbeing programs are designed to improve employee wellbeing and morale.

If the lunch containers in your staff fridge are lacking on the nutrition front, we have a solution that your team will enjoy. Our practical workshops are designed to show your employees how to develop healthier habits both at work and at home.

Research is showing that as we get busier in our work and personal lives, health is taking a back seat.

More than 95% of workers eat less than the daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables.

Over 70% of employees don't engage in the recommended level of daily exercise, with most achieving less than 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

More than a quarter of Australia's working population has a waist circumference that indicates a greatly increased risk of cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.

Reversing these statistics starts with small, positive changes. Having worked with people at all stages of health and wellness, we understand the reasons why individuals neglect their wellbeing and how to combat them.

Using these insights, we have developed a range of programs that can be personalised for your team.

How will you benefit from a

corporate wellness program?

When individuals are empowered with the right nutrition advice, they are better able to perform at their peak. They also reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases that require substantial leave.

What’s more, good nutrition is also linked to improved energy and concentration, and these benefits have many positive flow-on effects, including increased productivity and mood.

But the reality is that nutrition advice is overwhelming. New diet trends come and go, and many people simply give up because it all seems too hard. Our experience has shown us that people want to take good care of themselves, but they simply don’t know where to begin.

That’s why we have designed corporate wellness programs that simplify healthy eating, making it easy for your staff to start living healthier lifestyles. We teach you why eating well is important and how to incorporate healthy habits into a busy lifestyle.

Bring our dietitians into your workplace

Opt for the efficiency of a workshop format or organise a cooking class for your next team bonding day.


We have developed a range of information-packed workshops on nutrition myths, eating for work performance, eating well with a busy lifestyle, and food and mood.

Cooking classes

The best way to learn is by doing. In group cooking classes, we show you how to make snacks that combat 3pm cravings and quick meals suitable for weeknights.


After a workshop, keep your staff on track with regular fact sheets, recipes, menus and a review of any food and beverage offerings available in your workplace.

One-on-one consultations

Access comprehensive nutrition analysis, individually tailored advice and meal plans for each team member. These consultations are ideal for high-performing teams.

Tailor a program to your workplace

The culture of your organisation will determine which format is right for your team. Speak to Rebecca for more ideas on what will suit your budget and goals.

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