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Available at our clinics in Newcastle and the Riverina.

If you work in a sports club such as local football, netball or hockey club, or coach within a running or triathlon club, then these services are for you. 

Why offer nutrition services within your club?

A positive sports environment fosters teamwork, motivation and self-esteem among athletes. This atmosphere of support encourages healthier eating habits by emphasising the importance of nutrition in achieving peak performance. Athletes are more likely to make nutritious choices when they feel valued and motivated within their sporting community.


Is there a common sports nutrition topic that pops up during your training sessions? 

This service is a great tool to educate your athletes as a group. Topics include:

  • Nutrition for fuelling and recovery from training
  • Game day nutrition
  • Nutrition strategies to manipulate body composition
  • Body image for athletes
  • Gut health and exercise
  • Supplementation


This package is designed for groups of athletes that compete in a sport where body composition manipulation may provide a performance benefit. 

Body composition will be analysed using skinfold measurements by ISAK accredited Sports Dietitians. Sessions will include assessment of body composition, interpretation of results and advice on ideal body composition for specific sports and playing positions.

We recommend this package in the early stages of pre-season, just before season start and regularly throughout the season.

Body composition should not be analysed by unaccredited practitioners due to the risk associated with eating disorders and body image concerns. This package IS NOT recommended for children and adolescents.


Making sure you're hydrated before, during and after exercise is important for several reasons:

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Helps the muscles function properly
  • Heart and muscle function
  • Cognition

When exercising the body loses fluid through sweat, as this is the body’s way of cooling and maintaining core temperature. During physical activity, you also lose electrolytes through sweat. Losing too many electrolytes, without replacement, can impact the rate in which you can absorb fluid and carbs, resulting in a higher risk of dehydration and under-fuelling.

Hydration testing includes assessment of both fluid and electrolyte losses.

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