IBS & Low fodmap diet for Athletes

Are you an athlete who has been diagnosed with IBS but are struggling to manage symptoms? Or maybe you get regular gastrointestinal symptoms that you suspect may be IBS but don’t know what to do next?

If you are an athlete who likes to take action in improving your health and performance, then this e-book is for you.

After years working with recreational and elite athletes, we have seen first hand the impact that IBS has on the performance and day-to-day lives of athletes. We have worked with athletes to help them manage their IBS through dietary strategies and get back to performing at the top of their game. Seeing athletes return to the peak of their sport and have more energy and drive to succeed led us to want to help more athletes with IBS. So, we developed this e-book to educate you on the key strategies for better managing your IBS and regaining your peak performance.

What this E-Book will cover:
– What is IBS?
– Causes and symptoms of IBS
– How can IBS diagnosed?
– Risk factors for IBS
– Why is IBS common in athletes
– Strategies for managing IBS day-to-day and during exercise

** We are Accredited Sports Dietitians who have also undertaken the Monash University FODMAP and IBS training.


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