Nutrition Race plan webinar


Calling all endurance athletes!
Learn how to develop your own nutrition race plan from our expert sports dietitian Kelsey.

Who is it for?
This workshop is for any athlete (recreational to elite) planning to participate in an endurance event such as triathlon, marathon or trail run. If you’ve ever gotten your race nutrition wrong, you will understand the importance of having a structured plan of what to eat or drink and when. Planning your race day strategy can reduce the risk of GI upset or cramping and will give you the confidence of knowing your race nutrition is the best it can be, leaving you to focus more on performing at your best.

How much is it?

The webinar covers:
• How to work out your carbohydrate, fluid and electrolyte requirements for race day
• How to increase your gut tolerance of carbohydrates and fluid
• What to eat and drink in the 24hrs prior to your race including carb loading
• How to plan your race day nutrition including which products are best to consume and how to best utilise aid stations

You will also receive a number of downloadable resources, including:
• Template for baseline carbohydrate and fluid testing
• Template for your nutrition race plan
• Template for your nutrition 24hrs prior to the race start
• Carbohydrate counter

We hope you enjoy the webinar!


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